7 Tips You Need To Know On SEO Costs In Kenya For Businesses. 

 April 9, 2020

By  Alex

How much should you spend or budget on SEO costs in Kenya for your business? Business owners and service providers struggle with this on most days and we are here to help solve most of your queries.

Scroll down to get important tips that come in handy once you’ve made the decision to use SEO as a tool to help you achieve top ranking content and website on search engines.

SEO in Kenya has gained popularity over the years due to the rising number of small and large firms adapting to the use of online sources to gain popularity and a larger audience. The challenge in the market in Kenya remains to be, lack of expertise in the field. Unfortunately, many businesses are relying only on boosting content social media platforms. This only works for a short while especially when it is not done in the right way, thus, unnecessary costs build-up for campaigns with no results.

Once a company realizes that the conventional methods are no longer profitable, they seek other means.SEO offers the solution for their businesses, however, a business needs to understand that search engine optimization works differently from the online platforms they have previously used.

We will break down the process of SEO and answer basic questions that come up during consultations with clients/businesses.


How SEO Works For Business


1. Why Is SEO Important To Businesses?

SEO Increases Sales

If your business doesn’t invest in SEO, your website will appear past the first page of a search engine, which means a huge section of your market will not know your business exists.

SEO Increases Sales


SEO helps your business/company change that. You can see these results of companies we have worked with in the past by browsing the successes of a business that invests in SEO.

SEO Boosts Lead Generation

Your company/business may have a focus on lead generation depending on its long term or short term goals. SEO will help your business get quality leads for your sales team to work on and close.

At TP Media Marketing, we also offer Lead generation as a service. This service provides your company with data when it comes to your audience using some tools like Google Analytics, Analytics gives valuable insights about your viewers.

SEO Raises Brand Recognition

Building brand recognition is part of a successful marketing strategy. This does not necessarily lead to an instant sale, but it can help your business build relationships with future clientele.

2. How Does A Business Or Business Owner Begin To Understand What Search Engine Optimization Services They Need? 


Business owners need to understand how SEO works or benefits their business. We will breakdown the key steps an SEO company should take once you choose to work with them.

How Does A Business Or Business Owner Begin To Understand What Search Engine Optimization Services They Need 


Website Audit

Before you can start optimizing your website for search and users, the SEO company will need to find out where your website is currently at in terms of SEO. With a website audit, the agency will let you know what to do in order to improve and get better results.

Keyword Research

Seo builds your presence online with relevant search results. An Agency will decide which keyword research results will assist your business meet its goals. Keyword research investigates keywords related to your business, your target audience, researching your competitors or browsing your social media.

Website optimization

Once an audit on your website and research your keywords is done, the next step is optimizing your site. If you partner with a full-service agency SEO company, like TP Media Marketing,we give clients an onboarding questionnaire at the beginning. The questionnaire helps us understand the business goals at present and in the future. 

Website Optimization includes these steps:

  • Creating a website that is easy to use and fast
  • Having optimized content  that has specific keywords and search phrases 
  • Fixing links in the site that are broken
  • Having published website images with correct alt tag and filename
  • Getting valuable links from relevant websites
  • Sizing Up Your Competition


Website Re-optimization

An SEO investment is long term and ongoing. Your business can’t optimize all your content and then leave it. Otherwise, any increased visibility your site gains in search results will vanish as competitors launch their SEO strategies.

The long term investment that businesses need to make in order to remain relevant is to continue to create new content, as well as optimize old content. 

3. What Affects The Cost Of SEO?


The Skill Set & Expertise

SEO Agencies with experience and proven results demand higher rates.

The Agencies Marketing Expertise In Your Niche

TP Media Marketing specialty is eCommerce services. lead generation, SEO and Content creation/management. Engage a company/agency that has previously worked in your industry.

Marketing Software Expenses Incurred

Part of what goes into SEO cost are the tools needed to perform the work.examples of such tools include SEMrush, Google Ads, AHREFS, Grammarly, Canva e.t.c

4. How Much Are SEO Costs In Kenya?

The cost of SEO depends on various factors such as:

  • How a business exists in organic research. A new website with no domain power or rankings is expected to wait longer and pay more for great results.
  • Level of experience the agency has
  • Goals and objectives of the business. 
  • Competition of your brand against other brands in the relevant industry
  • How quick A business/client needs to see results from SEO
  • How far does your business want to reach, it can be locally or internationally or even both

SEO Package Prices

Here is an example of how agencies package their SEO Prices


SEO PACKAGE  Project SEO Retainer/Monthly SEO Hourly SEO
PACKAGE DETAILS These projects have a set time frame. It is set before the project begins The business/client agrees to pay a monthly fee for a set list of SEO deliverables. Monthly services give an agency time to prove their worth This great for businesses who want to build a strategy and implement it internally/within their company
PRICE RANGE $1000 – $5000 $1000 – $3000 $45 – $850


How Much Are SEO Costs In Kenya
SEO Costs in Kenya


SEO is a long-term investment and can only be successful when it is being tailored to your needs, goals of the business. That’s why pricing in SEO can only be determined once you have talked to the SEO agency several times where they have at least looked at your analytics and analyzed your market in detail. 

At TP Media Marketing, an SEO agency in Nairobi, Kenya, the first step we undertake once a business comes on board for SEO services, is to do research first to see what options they have. This shows a client/business on what needs to be done  in order to start a successful SEO campaign

5. Are Costs Put Into SEO Worth It?

SEO gets a business what they pay for, therefore a business/client needs to thoroughly research an agency/s before deciding on one. Some things to look out for are:

  • Look for proven results. Look for case studies and ask the companies you’re considering to give some real examples of their success. 
  • Listen to past clients. Read reviews on their site, social media and talk to past clients willing to share their experience. 
  • Talk with the team directly and learn the strategies they plan on  implementing to improve your search results

6. How long Does It Take To Get SEO Results?

SEO is Time & Work-Intensive. It takes time to get results that are determined by where you are currently ranking. If you are on page 100 for your keywords it will take longer to get to the first page on a search engine compared to if you are on page 2.


How long Does It Take To Get SEO Results


A consultation with an agency will determine how long it will take you to be where you want to be.

7. Are You Ready To Use SEO For Your Business?

Work with us at TP Media Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency in Nairobi, Kenya. You can be confident of our team which is led by the premier SEO consultants in Kenya.

Are You Ready To Use SEO For Your Business

We hope this helps you have a better understanding of how SEO is of benefit to your business as well as your users/clients. The investment and time need to be dedicated in order to achieve your company goals. Get in touch with us for a free consultation on your website score today.


About the author

Alex Maina is the CEO and Founder of a number of Online Businesses in Kenya. He is one of two CIMP certified trainers in Kenya and has trained hundreds of digital marketers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

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