11 Great Questions and Answers On WordPress SEO in Kenya 

 April 14, 2020

By  tpmediamarketing

You must be wondering what WordPress and WordPress SEO are and how these two could benefit your business. 

The Use of Search Engines

Every time you want to browse, the only place you turn to is a search engine either on your smartphone, laptop or desktop. The search engine, depending on your preference, might be Google, Opera Mini, Bing, Yahoo or others available. This indicates that for any user content online to be noticed you must ensure that it is easily accessible on the search engines. The best way to ensure that your content on website pages appears among the top searches is through Search Engine Optimization. There are benefits that come along with optimizing your website, as listed below:

  • A site that is optimized ranks high and has greater visibility and a huge chance of increased traffic.
  • A high ranking site appears credible and legit to its users.
  • The people visiting your site will get quality information since SEO focuses on quality content.

What is WordPress?

You may have heard or even used WordPress before in your publications. WordPress is a web publishing software you can use to create your blog, even your website. It powers over 35% of all web content globally, hence a useful publication software tool you can use. It enables you to create and manage your own website while making use of your web browser. It is simple, code-free and applicable for the most beginners who are starting from basics.

WordPress is an ideal software for web publications

WordPress SEO

WordPress, as mentioned above, is ideal for developing websites. Good websites should be optimized for better ranking and user experience. As far as WordPress SEO is concerned, WordPress has the most ideal content management system among the many web publication tools available. This article will major on the particulars involving WordPress Optimization, and how you stand to benefit from it, if properly done.

WordPress SEO in Kenya
Have You Considered WordPress SEO?

Below are questions that people ask about WordPress SEO.

1. What Should You Consider when Seeking for Web Hosting  Services?

Web hosting

As a service, web hosting allows both individuals and enterprises to post a website or page on the web. Web hosting provides both technology and service needed for your website and pages to be viewed on the internet. 

Usually, websites are hosted on special computers called servers. Online users searching for information online input queries on web browsers. The search engines then connect their queries to your website, and they can access the information on their browsers. 

The hosting provider that you choose is crucial for SEO. A good host can push your site to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Your host has a huge impact on the external distance between servers and your visitors and the amount of downtime your site undergoes, these two are important because they affect ranking.

2. What Theme Best Suits Your Website?

A theme is one of the most important aspects since it determines the layout and appearance of the site and provides new functionalities thus affecting SEO. A great theme gives your site high speed as well as boosting its best chances for SERPs.

Choose Ideal Themes for your WordPress Site
Choice of Theme is Critical to your WordPress Publications

Therefore, when picking a theme for your site, go for an SEO friendly theme, which means that it’s built with SEO. Also, ensure that you go for a theme that has features for improving SEO.

3. Do Plugins Matter?

Plugins are small pieces of add-on software that you install that add new features and functionality to your website. There are different types of plugins in WordPress that help you achieve anything you want to with your site, including ranking top in search engines.

Choose SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO which will add optimization features to your site.

4. What are Sitemaps?

A site map is a list of all pages and any other content in your site in a hierarchical form, it provides you with an easier way of seeing your site’s layout. Their main purpose of site maps is to communicate to search engine bots. It is important to understand that site maps do not boost your rankings but form part of important WordPress SEO tools.

It makes it easier for search engine bots to see and understand how pages in your site relate. This makes it easier for search engines to present relevant information to the users. You can achieve this through Google XML Sitemaps or Yoast SEO.

5. How Important are Keywords in Content?

Keywords for each post or page for titles, headings and the content help in communicating your message to search engine bots thus helping in increasing the chances of your content showing on relevant topic searches. One best practice with keywords is to avoid pushing it everywhere, as it might appear unnatural.

There are many keyword research tools such as SEMrush that help you check your ranking and performance over time.

6. What links should be incorporated? 

How your site is connected counts a lot, not only internally but also externally. Using these links in your pages tells search engine bots how to relate with similar content. It is also an encouragement to other people to link back to your site which shows search engines that your content is valuable.

Remember to be careful with this strategy because if you incorporate a lot of links that point to irrelevant pages your rankings will be negatively affected. Use links where they fit naturally and point users to high-quality content on sites that already have a high ranking with SERPs.

If you are smart enough with internal linking and external links you will achieve the best-desired results with search engine optimization.

7. Does a Responsive Design Matter When it comes to Building a WordPress Optimized site?

Use an all device friendly design because people are browsing using mobile phones, tablets and other devices unlike in the past where most browsing happened from desktops. Your site needs to look and perform well on all these devices.

You can achieve this by building a site that reacts and adapts to each user’s device. Responsive design is also one of google’s ranking factors. When your website is responsive it has high chances of appearing high on SERPs. A good way to achieve this using WordPress SEO is by ensuring that you choose a theme that supports responsiveness and one that has all search engine optimization features.

WordPress Site Design
The Site should be optimizable for access and by users on Mobiles, Tablets and PCs.

8. Does Long-form Content Matter?

 This is vital because Google and other search engine algorithms give special attention to comprehensive content when it comes to ranking, however, this doesn’t mean that shorter content does not count, just that longer content is considered to be more useful by search engines.

Comprehensive content also increases your credibility and trust of your users and encourages them to spend more time on your site. Making your content longer and better is definitely worth implementing!

9. What is the importance of Updating Posts Frequently?

How often you add and update your content counts because this is also used as a ranking factor. Old content will do good but of course fresh and new content does better because of its high likelihood of being relevant to searchers. For your site to perform well with SERPs, ensure you add and update your content regularly.

You could achieve this by creating a schedule that will keep you on track. In case you have not been updating content, you could start right away as this could increase your chances of being re-evaluated by search engine bots thus increasing your prominence.

10. How Important is Quality of Created Content?

 This is one of the major ranking factors because Google and other search engines algorithms give importance to sites with the most relevant content thus making them score highly. Ranking factors might change over time, but quality content remains constant, if you want to succeed in WordPress SEO, you ought to focus on creating relevant content.

Before creating content always ensure that you consider the wants of your target users and focus on fulfilling their needs with your content. Always remember to proofread your content before posting on your site!

11. What is the Importance of Optimizing Images?

Images are important because they provide visual appeal, context and breaking the reading monotony. They also have an effect on SEO in that the quality and size of images affect the loading speed of your site, which is a ranking factor.

Search engine bots also look for the information that you attach on these images and the alt text when indexing your site. Ensure that you have optimized your images and give each a descriptive filename and an alt text to increase your chances of performing high.


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