The Best Digital Marketing Certificate Courses – Your 11 Questions Answered 

 April 8, 2020

By  Nathaniel

We live in the digital age, and unfortunately, not only our education system in Kenya is slow in catching up but even renowned Universities are behind the digital revolution. There has been a surge of digital marketing certificate courses in Kenya , but how do you know you are getting the best deal?. Here is a quick guide to help you sort through the jargon and pick the best digital marketing training in Kenya by asking simple questions.

Q#1. Why Do I Need a Digital Marketing Certificate Course?

There are various reasons one can take digital marketing training. It is good to be as clear as possible before you start looking for courses online.

For example, if are you trying to just get a basic understanding of what digital marketing is all about so as to run your business better, then a good pick would be a foundation course that talks a little about the different areas of internet marketing. If you are looking to become better in a specific area of digital marketing like email marketing or search engine optimization.

Then pick a course specifically for email marketing or SEO. If you want to get better at something super specific like lead generation or display advertising, then look for exactly a course in that area.


colleges offering digital marketing courses
colleges offering digital marketing courses

Q#2. What is the Mode of Learning?

There are very few colleges offering digital marketing courses in Kenya.

Training can be delivered in different ways, but the most preferred is a class set up. However, given different circumstances, this mode can be limiting. For example in the current season of COVID-19, it is impossible to meet face to face.

Sometimes, one can be so busy that they can not get time to travel to a physical location, several times to access course content. Online digital marketing courses are advantageous.

online digital marketing training in kenya
online digital marketing training in kenya

Q#3. Is the Trainer an Expert in the Field?

This is the on of the most important questions to ask when looking for a digital marketing course. Simply because a blind man can not lead another blind man, they’ll both end up in a ditch right?. When selecting a course, always review the profile of the digital marketing trainer and check exactly what they have achieved in the field they are training in.

For example, if the training is in search engine optimization or SEO n short, go on a search engine like Bing or Google and search for that trainer and see the results you get. If they aren’t dominating the search results on the first page of search engine results, then you know they are selling you something that they don’t practice.

Look at social media as well, what is the trainer’s reputation like?. Does the trainer fulfill their promises when they take students through their course?.

Q#4. How Practical is the Course?

Another way to ask this question is, what are the practical skills I will come out with from this training? One thing about Digital marketing, and marketing, in general, is that it is not very theoretical. You must be able to apply the knowledge you gain in practical situations, right from class. Any training that does not provide for practical sessions is a waste of your precious resources. Ensure that the course outline clearly demonstrates the practical digital marketing skills you expect to come out of the training with.

Q#5. What Kind of Certification is at the End of the Course?

This is Kenya, and the education system has conditioned students to be excited about being certified. However, there is a more important thing than just getting a piece of paper that says you went through a course. A good number of courses offer successful students internationally recognized certifications. Those are the best courses to take.

Some of the courses that one can consider include:

  • Google Certification
  • Hubspot Certification
  • SEMRush Certification

Q#6. Is there an Advanced Media Marketing Course after the First One?

There is no point in taking a course that does not provide an advance level to it. If a course does not offer the next level of competence it might mean two things. One, that the trainer is not as qualified or two, that the area of study is not very popular. Depending on your goal of taking source a course, then you may be better suited to take a different one.

Q#7. Does The Course Meet my Professional Training Needs?

It is pretty conventional for colleges offering digital marketing training to provide students with a course outline of what the course entails. You need to interrogate what will be taught in the course to ensure it covers all areas of your learning needs. Simply put, pick the best fit, rarely will you find a perfect fit.

Q#8. Are there Testimonials from Previous Social Media Marketing Students?

In this age of social media, nothing points out a scam like bad reviews. Sure, there will always a few bad apples who will write malicious reviews, but your work is to weigh out the reviews as well as the responses to see if there are any that can influence your choice.

A good SEO company, for example, will have done reputation management for themselves before trying to sell the course. If a college offering a reputation management course does not have its own online reputation in check, then they are preaching what they don’t practice.

Good testimonials are as good as a natural, person to person, real-life referral. They can make you choose to study a course by a specific digital marketing entity or not.

Q#9. Is There Key Support After the Course is Done?

Learning never ends with the last lessons. Good students always look for opportunities to test and apply what they learned and they need a place or a person to share the feedback, successes or even ask questions and get guidance. A good course always provides a forum or a similar platform on social media to engage, motivate and sort out any teething issues arising from the lessons taught. It is also a place to celebrate successes as well as build camaraderie.

Q#10.Will I get Resources After Finishing the Course?

Good cake always has icing on it, right?. And so do good digital marketing training courses. Once the curtain falls on the last class, the students should get on an email marketing list that ensures they keep up to date in new developments in the field of study. They should also receive resources from the course like case studies, cheat sheets and other goodies to make their practice of what they learned fun. Other awesome freebies like a free pass to a course in a different area of digital marketing expertise are always welcome.

Q#11. Is There a Way to Measure the Value I will Get From the Course?

Some digital marketing courses are offered for free, but we all know nothing is ever free. You have to give up your contact details as well as invest your time, and time is money. Does the course demonstrate how you will get value back for your investment in a quantifiable, measurable way?.

In other instances, as is most common, where you actually pay for a course, can you analyze how the fees paid will be earned back many times over if you acquire the new skill and make use of it?. This must be very clear from the get-go.


Careers in internet marketing are growing. You need to be sure that the digital marketing certificate courses in Kenya you are about to sign up for meets and exceeds your needs and expectations before you sign up.

Would you like to get an internationally recognized social media marketing certificate in Kenya? Sign up below to begin the amazing journey with the experts. Those who have gone through this course have ended up working with prestigious brands like Oracle, Twitter and many more.


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