The Best way to Boost Your Business Today, Lead Generation 

 March 11, 2020

By  Alex

Your business needs to have a system where you can capture new customers who are ready to buy from you. The process of setting up known as a lead generation strategy.

Lead generation is an important aspect of the growth of any business. Having a strategy of how you will generate new customers is the surest way to beat the competition.

At the same time, you can strengthen the relationship that you have with your customers, making it easier for you to contact them when you want them to buy again.


​​​​​​​Setting up this system is not easy. It can be intimidating because of how complex the whole process is. To be able to set up a comprehensive lead generation process, you can follow the following simplified steps:

  1.  You need to have content. This could be articles, blog posts, infographics, photos, and videos. They should be 20% talking about your products and 80% of the time talking about how your customer’s life will be better.
  2. Once your content is ready, you will need to figure out how you will distribute the content. Ensure that you pick a platform that your ideal prospect will spend their time on.
  3. Next step, you will attract customers and visitors to the piece of content that you created. In doing so, you are simply making them aware of the service that you provide, constantly allowing them to interact with you through a call to action.
  4. Since you spent time creating this piece of content you must be able to convert the people who will interact with your content into clients.
  5. The last step that you will do is resell to them many times.

Now here are a few other things that you will need to understand.

You are not the only person who is competing for your customer’s attention. Therefore, the kind of content that you are going to create has to attract and capture their attention. Give your audience a good reason why they should pay attention to you.

As a business, you need to generate more leads and convert them into sales. The whole process of executing the strategies for your lead generation funnel can be intimidating.

In this guide, you will learn everything that the lead generation process entails.

Shall we begin?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is Lead Generation

what is lead generation: mailshake.com


Lead generation is the process of recognizing people who are willing to buy from you than getting them ready to buy by educating and inspiring them with content from about your brand.

Back in 2016, I used to run a business that would sell ladies’ clothes, accessories, and shoes. For the longest time, what I used to do is print posters and flyers and stick them around on the electricity poles, informing people come to visit the shop, check the different types of products that I sold.

Later on, I started going to churches (don’t get me wrong, I used to go to church even before that). This time around, I would print the card or flyers with information about my business, then distribute them at church and get people to leave their details on the card, that is, their phone number and name.

The following week, I would do cold calls. Most of the numbers that they gave me were wrong numbers. 🙁 Out of every 100 calls made, I would get at least 3 people who would come to buy from me.

The Use of Content

Printing of the flyers and posters was a form of content, that was meant to educate and inform people about my business and that they should buy from me.

Attracting customers…

When I took the flyers to church and distributed them to women who looked potential customers, that was me reaching out to my specific target market establishing a connection with them and letting them know that they could and should buy from me.

You can notice that I never used to give men my flyers, You may ask why?

Because men were not my target audience, a few, very few would buy for their wives, that is if they were having a special anniversary or Valentine or Christmas.

As a single mum, I needed to make daily sales so that I could feed my family. My target audience was women, people who have a regular income and could invest in their looks. Those are the people that I went for.

When I got introduced to the world of internet marketing, my goodness! I was surprised at how easy it was to get new customers. All you have to do is figure out the audience that you are trying to communicate with.

If you have buyers walking into your shop, it will be easy for you to identify your target audience online. All you have to do is replicate the same data you have to your online platforms. Sit back and watch the magic happen. You suddenly have access to thousands and thousands of your lookalike audience.

Lead generation entails identifying the person interested in buying your product or service. Create content that will capture their attention. Then trigger the process by which you are going to close them and make a sale.

Why is Lead Generation Important?


The only way that your business can grow is when you get new customers to buy from you.

I am pretty sure that you did not set up your business for it to remain stagnant and not grow.

The reason as to why this guide is important is for you to see a whole process of how you can generate a limitless number of potential customers.

What you will do next is give your sales team the leads that were generated by the marketing team. Then they can now convert them and obtain new sales for your business. The best part is that you will start seeing an increase in revenue that is being generated by the business.


About the author

Alex Maina is the CEO and Founder of a number of Online Businesses in Kenya. He is one of two CIMP certified trainers in Kenya and has trained hundreds of digital marketers in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

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