What is The Best Channel To Generate Leads 

 March 11, 2020

By  Alex

Nowadays advertisers have to earn their users’ attention. You can do this is by providing them with much valuable information like how lead generation can transform their lives in one way or another, that way they get to give you their time.

When I was a young girl, I used to watch a lot of commercials on the television, and when my dad came home with the magazine. I used to love reading the adverts that were placed there. This could explain why I ended up working in the world of advertisement. the point is that the TV commercial and the ads were placed in the newspapers was a marketing tactic meant to do two things:

  1. Interrupt the flow of your customers and
  2.  Demands for their attention, to read the ad… 

Pretty sure you would remember, watching TV and then all over sudden, in the middle of your favorite show, they would bring a ten seconds Ad. You couldn’t move or do anything but you were forced to watch it. This would repeatedly show you the advertisement over and over again. 

To the point that you would be triggered to pay attention and buy from them just to test their product or service.

qualified lead

Times have changed and nowadays people don’t watch the television anymore. If they do then its Netflix and YouTube. What happens is that technology has disrupted our lives, to the point that we don’t buy newspapers or print magazines anymore.

Now your goals wouldn’t be to hit your customers with adverts that they might not be interested in. Instead, you have to increase the visibility of your brand so that your potential customer can come to you.

With the internet wave, we get access to anything that we want. At the same time, it gives us the privilege to block anything that we might not want. 

lead generation channels
What is The Best Channel To Generate Leads

The things that are demanding for your potential customers’ attention are a billion. If you want to be able to cut through the noise then you have to start providing people with enough valuable content . Work with us at Tipping Point Media, a digital marketing Agency based in Nairobi,Kenya That is the only way you get to earn your customer’s attention. People who will buy from you because they like you and trust you.



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